Bit flags determining the type of sort to be performed by a FX::QValueListQSort.

QVLQSortDefault  Whatever specified in the constructor.
QVLQSortInsertion  Insertion sort.
QVLQSortMerge  Merge sort.
QVLQSortQuick  Quick sort.
QVLQSortStable  Prevents use of algorithms which reorder equal elements.

Definition at line 194 of file qvaluelist.h.

00195 {
00196     QVLQSortDefault=0,      
00197     QVLQSortInsertion=1,    
00198     QVLQSortMerge=2,        
00199     QVLQSortQuick=4,        
00201     QVLQSortStable=256      
00202 };

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