Stream status codes.

FXStreamEnd  OK.
FXStreamFull  Try read past end of stream.
FXStreamNoWrite  Filled up stream buffer or disk full.
FXStreamNoRead  Unable to open for write.
FXStreamFormat  Unable to open for read.
FXStreamUnknown  Stream format error.
FXStreamAlloc  Trying to read unknown class.
FXStreamFailure  Alloc failed.

Definition at line 59 of file FXStream.h.

00059                     {
00060   FXStreamOK=0,                 
00061   FXStreamEnd=1,                
00062   FXStreamFull=2,               
00063   FXStreamNoWrite=3,            
00064   FXStreamNoRead=4,             
00065   FXStreamFormat=5,             
00066   FXStreamUnknown=6,            
00067   FXStreamAlloc=7,              
00068   FXStreamFailure=8             
00069   };

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