FX::FXMemoryStream Class Reference

#include <FXMemoryStream.h>

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Detailed Description

For compatibility with FOX code only

Definition at line 37 of file FXMemoryStream.h.

Public Types

enum  ByteOrder { BigEndian, LittleEndian }

Public Member Functions

FXDEPRECATEDEXT FXMemoryStream (const FXObject *cont=NULL)
bool open (FXStreamDirection save_or_load, FXuchar *data)
bool open (FXStreamDirection save_or_load, FXuval size, FXuchar *data)
void takeBuffer (FXuchar *&data, FXuval &size)
void giveBuffer (FXuchar *data, FXuval size)
virtual bool close ()
QIODevicedevice () const
void setDevice (QIODevice *dev)
FXDEPRECATEDEXT void unsetDevice ()
bool atEnd () const
int byteOrder () const
void setByteOrder (int b)
FXDEPRECATEDEXT FXStreamreadBytes (char *&s, FXuint &l)
FXStreamreadRawBytes (char *buffer, FXuval len)
FXStreamreadRawBytes (FXuchar *buffer, FXuval len)
FXDEPRECATEDEXT FXStreamwriteBytes (const char *s, FXuint l)
FXStreamwriteRawBytes (const char *buffer, FXuval len)
FXStreamwriteRawBytes (const FXuchar *buffer, FXuval len)
FXfval rewind (FXint amount)
virtual FXDEPRECATEDEXT bool flush ()
FXDEPRECATEDEXT FXuval getSpace () const
FXDEPRECATEDEXT void setSpace (FXuval sp)
FXDEPRECATEDEXT FXStreamStatus status () const
bool eof () const
FXDEPRECATEDEXT void setError (FXStreamStatus err)
FXDEPRECATEDEXT FXStreamDirection direction () const
FXDEPRECATEDEXT const FXObjectcontainer () const
FXlong position () const
virtual bool position (FXlong offset, FXWhence whence=FXFromStart)
void swapBytes (FXint s)
bool swapBytes () const
void setBigEndian (bool big)
bool isBigEndian () const
FXStreamsave (const FXuchar *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXchar *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXushort *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXshort *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXuint *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXint *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXfloat *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXdouble *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXlong *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsave (const FXulong *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXuchar *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXchar *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXushort *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXshort *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXuint *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXint *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXfloat *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXdouble *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXlong *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamload (FXulong *p, unsigned long n)
FXStreamsaveObject (const FXObject *v)
FXStreamloadObject (FXObject *&v)
FXStreamaddObject (const FXObject *v)

Protected Member Functions

virtual FXuval writeBuffer (FXuval count)
virtual FXuval readBuffer (FXuval count)

Protected Attributes

const FXObjectparent
FXlong pos
FXStreamDirection dir
FXStreamStatus code
FXuint seq
bool swap


struct Generic::hasSerialise
struct Generic::hasDeserialise
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXuchar &v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXchar &v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXushort &_v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXshort &v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXuint &_v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXint &v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXfloat &_v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXdouble &_v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXlong &v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const FXulong &_v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const char *v)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &s, const bool &_v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXuchar &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXchar &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXushort &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXshort &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXuint &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXint &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXfloat &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXdouble &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXlong &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, FXulong &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &s, bool &v)

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