FX::FXMemoryStream Member List

This is the complete list of members for FX::FXMemoryStream, including all inherited members.

addObject(const FXObject *v)FX::FXStream
atEnd() const FX::FXStream [inline]
begptrFX::FXStream [protected]
BigEndian enum valueFX::FXStream
byteOrder() const FX::FXStream [inline]
ByteOrder enum nameFX::FXStream
close()FX::FXMemoryStream [virtual]
codeFX::FXStream [protected]
container() const FX::FXStream [inline]
devFX::FXStream [protected]
device() const FX::FXStream [inline]
dirFX::FXStream [protected]
direction() const FX::FXStream [inline]
endptrFX::FXStream [protected]
eof() const FX::FXStream [inline]
flush()FX::FXStream [virtual]
FXMemoryStream(const FXObject *cont=NULL)FX::FXMemoryStream
FXStream(QIODevice *dev=0, const FXObject *cont=NULL)FX::FXStream
FXStream(const FXObject *cont)FX::FXStream
Generic::hasDeserialiseFX::FXStream [friend]
Generic::hasSerialiseFX::FXStream [friend]
getSpace() const FX::FXStream
giveBuffer(FXuchar *data, FXuval size)FX::FXMemoryStream
hashFX::FXStream [protected]
isBigEndian() const FX::FXStream [inline]
LittleEndian enum valueFX::FXStream
load(FXuchar *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
load(FXchar *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
load(FXushort *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
load(FXshort *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
load(FXuint *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
load(FXint *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
load(FXfloat *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
load(FXdouble *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
load(FXlong *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
load(FXulong *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
loadObject(FXObject *&v)FX::FXStream
open(FXStreamDirection save_or_load, FXuchar *data)FX::FXMemoryStream
open(FXStreamDirection save_or_load, FXuval size, FXuchar *data)FX::FXMemoryStream
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXuchar &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXchar &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXushort &_v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXshort &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXuint &_v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXint &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXfloat &_v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXdouble &_v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXlong &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const FXulong &_v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const char *v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator<<(FXStream &s, const bool &_v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXuchar &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXchar &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXushort &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXshort &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXuint &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXint &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXfloat &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXdouble &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXlong &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, FXulong &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
operator>>(FXStream &s, bool &v)FX::FXStream [friend]
parentFX::FXStream [protected]
posFX::FXStream [protected]
position() const FX::FXStream
position(FXlong offset, FXWhence whence=FXFromStart)FX::FXStream [virtual]
rdptrFX::FXStream [protected]
readBuffer(FXuval count)FX::FXStream [protected, virtual]
readBytes(char *&s, FXuint &l)FX::FXStream
readRawBytes(char *buffer, FXuval len)FX::FXStream [inline]
readRawBytes(FXuchar *buffer, FXuval len)FX::FXStream [inline]
rewind(FXint amount)FX::FXStream
save(const FXuchar *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
save(const FXchar *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
save(const FXushort *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
save(const FXshort *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
save(const FXuint *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
save(const FXint *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
save(const FXfloat *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
save(const FXdouble *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
save(const FXlong *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream [inline]
save(const FXulong *p, unsigned long n)FX::FXStream
saveObject(const FXObject *v)FX::FXStream
seqFX::FXStream [protected]
setBigEndian(bool big)FX::FXStream [inline]
setByteOrder(int b)FX::FXStream [inline]
setDevice(QIODevice *dev)FX::FXStream
setError(FXStreamStatus err)FX::FXStream
setSpace(FXuval sp)FX::FXStream
status() const FX::FXStream [inline]
swapFX::FXStream [protected]
swapBytes(FXint s)FX::FXStream [inline]
swapBytes() const FX::FXStream [inline]
takeBuffer(FXuchar *&data, FXuval &size)FX::FXMemoryStream
unsetDevice()FX::FXStream [inline]
writeBuffer(FXuval count)FX::FXStream [protected, virtual]
writeBytes(const char *s, FXuint l)FX::FXStream
writeRawBytes(const char *buffer, FXuval len)FX::FXStream [inline]
writeRawBytes(const FXuchar *buffer, FXuval len)FX::FXStream [inline]
wrptrFX::FXStream [protected]
~FXStream()FX::FXStream [virtual]

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